Enlightened Brewing Company, located in Bay View, Wisconsin, started with a group of friends that frequented craft beer bars, and held conversations on all the things that one might consider “off-limits” around the dinner table or in polite conversation. The idea was to assemble in a public place where we could hash out these topics among something we could all agree on: Quality Beer. We called ourselves The Enlightened Imbibers.

In the course of these meetings, one of those Imbibers began home brewing and sharing those beers with friends. Several years later, Enlightened Brewing Company incorporated becoming an official brewery, ultimately turning that passion into a legitimate business.

Today, Enlightened Brewing Company has its brewery located in the historic Lincoln Warehouse in Bay View, Wisconsin in a cozy space where we can practice our craft. We put in the work to brew the beer ourselves, and self-distribute to locations in the greater Milwaukee, WI area.


2018 S. 1st Street – Milwaukee, WI 53207

Enlightened Brewing Company

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